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Favorable Jury Verdict Obtained for a National Restaurant Client

Alexander Fisher

Congrats to Alexander Fisher on obtaining a favorable jury verdict for a national restaurant client and wins further hearing forcing plaintiff to pay Counsel fees!

In a just concluded week-long jury trial in Mercer County, New Jersey, gartner + bloom, P.C. partner Alexander Fisher secured a favorable jury verdict in a claim where the plaintiff had sought several hundred thousand dollars for dental injuries.


At-Will Hunting

Daniel Montagna

Proposed New York City legislation would redefine employee/employer relationships for many New York City-based employers.

If passed, Int. No. 837 will prohibit covered employers from terminating employees without either “just cause” or a “bona-fide economic reason.”


Proposed NYC Law Puts Landlords, Building Owners, Co-op Boards and their Carriers at Increased Risk



“Little imagination is needed to understand the paramount importance of eliminating unfair discrimination in housing.”[1] To combat such discrimination the  New York City Council is planning to pass the Fair Chance for Housing Act (FCHA), a bill sponsored by 26 New York City Council members and the New York City Public Advocate that prohibits landlords and building owners, including co-op boards, from discriminating against a prospective tenant, purchaser, lessee or occupant on the basis of criminal history or arrest record. Not surprisingly, the bill resembles the NYC Fair Chance Act passed a few years ago, which similarly was aimed at reducing discrimination and advancing diversity and inclusion by giving individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances a fair chance in employment.[2]