Kudos and warm round of cheers to gartner + bloom PC trial attorney, Maria Miller Esq on her immense victory earlier this week in Brooklyn.

Maria’s contractor client was facing the possibility of full liability for a ceiling collapse, a case where the injured plaintiff’s demand at trial was $5 million dollars. Prior to the trial commencing, a settlement offer of $100,000 was extended but rejected.

Maria picked the jury, argued the in limine motions, gave the opening statement to the jury, and cross-examined three witnesses including the plaintiff. Then, on the eve of jury deliberations and a verdict, the third-party plaintiff gave in and accepted what had been offered to them before the trial -- $100k ~ (2% of the claim).

This is an extraordinary result given the fact that our client was facing an uninsured judgment in seven figures and the opposition accepted the carrier’s pre-trial offer.

This incredible resolution eliminated the risk of a significant seven-figure money judgment against our contractor client, and only made possible by innovative, aggressive trial strategy that illuminated the weaknesses in the adversary’s case at every step of the litigation process. Brava Maria Miller Esq on this win and many more!