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Sophisticated Parties Need Not Explicitly Waive the Right to Trial in Arbitration Agreements

Jacqueline Muttick

In an important clarification of contract and arbitration law, New Jersey’s Appellate Division recently confirmed that an arbitration agreement between sophisticated parties does not need to expressly waive the right to trial in order to bind the parties to arbitration. This ruling clarifies that while arbitration obligations contained in consumer and employment agreements continue to require express waivers, agreements between sophisticated parties do not require the same protections.


Favorable Jury Verdict Obtained for a National Restaurant Client

Alexander Fisher

Congrats to Alexander Fisher on obtaining a favorable jury verdict for a national restaurant client and wins further hearing forcing plaintiff to pay Counsel fees!

In a just concluded week-long jury trial in Mercer County, New Jersey, gartner + bloom, P.C. partner Alexander Fisher secured a favorable jury verdict in a claim where the plaintiff had sought several hundred thousand dollars for dental injuries.


At-Will Hunting

Daniel Montagna

Proposed New York City legislation would redefine employee/employer relationships for many New York City-based employers.

If passed, Int. No. 837 will prohibit covered employers from terminating employees without either “just cause” or a “bona-fide economic reason.”