person with boots in construction site pouring concrete

Construction Defect

At gartner + bloom PC, our attorneys have defended owners, architects, general contractors, and their respective agents in claims arising from construction and renovation of property. We have worked toward resolutions of claims involving defense against allegations of improper or incomplete workmanship and issues of contractual responsibilities. Our firm has handled matters involving office buildings, commercial structures, shopping centers, docks, and residential developments.

We have defended claims arising from small projects, moderate size buildings, and major developments, enabling us to litigate any type of alleged construction defect. As most construction disputes involve multiple parties, there is the potential for significant costs and legal fees. We work aggressively toward cost-effective and swift results. Through our familiarity and understanding of general construction practices, insurance coverage, New York Labor Law and EIFS, Gartner + Bloom, P.C. has been successful at garnering resolutions that protect the interests of our clients and minimize potential plaintiff awards.