gartner + bloom is pleased to share that partners, Kenneth A. Bloom, Arthur Xanthos, and Todd Shaw, successfully defended a well-known midtown Manhattan bar and restaurant against a billion dollar commercial developer and its experienced and aggressive real estate law firm in the Commercial Division of Supreme Court, New York County.

In the exceptionally acrimonious litigation, the building owner attempted to utilize purported emergent conditions in the premises at issue to force all tenants, including the bar and restaurant, to vacate for an indeterminate period of time, potentially never being able to re-open.

g+b recruited a team of expert architects and engineers to rebut the owner's claimed emergent conditions and seized the initiative by obtaining a Yellowstone injunction against the owner while simultaneously asserting causes of action premised on New York's newly enacted commercial tenant harassment statute.

In the end, not only is g+b’s client the only tenant in that Manhattan building that is back in possession and up and running, but it is doing so with a new lease under very favorable terms negotiated by g+b that will keep it serving great food and cocktails for many more years to come