In a collaborative team effort with an ingenious defense strategy laid out by Managing Partner, Ken Bloom, a construction claim with damages in excess of $10M was defeated for a mere fraction of the demand!

In an iconic commercial tower in NYC’s Financial District, a sprinkler pipe burst in 2019. The Plaintiff brought suit claiming that it was the faulty installation of a specific coupler within the fire suppression system that caused a pipe separation, ensuing flood, which caused millions of dollars in damage especially with regard to the super high speed elevators.

The case was litigated in the Commercial Division in the Supreme Court, New York County by a well known, sophisticated and aggressive commercial law firm.

Managing Partner, Ken Bloom developed a defense strategy that involved recruiting experts in the field of fire suppression, metallurgy and elevators; shifting responsibility to other parties on various products liability theories as well as those involving fluid dynamics.

Based on the analysis and findings from working with our fire suppression, metallurgy and elevator experts, Partner Todd Shaw was able to develop a winning strategic and tactical litigation game plan.

Partner Roy Michael Anderson led upwards of 20 fact witness and expert depositions, and was able to put every adverse witness on the defensive, eviscerating opposing fact and expert witnesses with his knowledge of highly technical issues and extraordinary detailed questioning.

Senior Associate, Michael Hemway spearheaded and oversaw a robust discovery campaign while managing hundreds and thousands of documents with our e-discovery partners.

Not only was this victory due to the strength of the players on the team but to innovative strategies and technological advancements deployed from the onset of the case and throughout to procure an incredibly powerful win for our client.

Most importantly and all along the journey, the team worked very closely with our clients to glean valuable data insights throughout every step of the litigation process.

A standing ovation and grand Kudos to Partners Ken Bloom, Todd Shaw, Roy Michael Anderson, and Michael Hemway as well as all our support team members who contributed to this monumental victory that has already and will continue to blaze trails for similar cases to come!!